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A realtime audio visualizer for Rainmeter similar to the ones used in the Monstercat videos.

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Rated 4.0 out of 5
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Statistics on Monstercat-Visualizer

Number of watchers on Github 184
Number of open issues 10
Average time to close an issue 5 days
Main language SourcePawn
Average time to merge a PR about 5 hours
Open pull requests 1+
Closed pull requests 4+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created about 3 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 8.51 MB
Organization / Authormarcopixel
Latest Release1.8.1
Page Updated
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Monstercat Visualizer Screenshot

Monstercat Visualizer

GitHub release Github All Releases GitHub stars GitHub license

A realtime audio visualizer for Rainmeter similar to the ones used in the Monstercat videos.

Supports all major media players, including full Spotify (thanks to .raptor for the Spotify plugin) and Google Play Music Desktop Player (thanks to @tjhrulz for his plugin) support.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows 7 or higher.
  • Rainmeter 4.0 (r2746) or higher.


  • Live visualization of the audio output
  • Customizable colors and fonts
  • Genre-based colors (AIMP, CAD, iTunes, WMP and Winamp)
  • Cover-based colors (All supported players)
  • Support for all major media players
  • Full Spotify (Desktop & Web Player) support
  • Full Google Play Music Desktop Player & Web Player support
  • Full Youtube, Soundcloud, and other web music players
  • Media controls & progress bar
  • Settings skin for easier customization/configuration
  • Hide skin when media player is not running

Important notes

  • You need at least Rainmeter 4.0 (r2746) or higher to get all features of this skin. You can find the newest version on
  • After installation you can access the settings by right-clicking the visualizer or song information and then clicking on Open Settings.
  • Due to limitations of Rainmeter/the plugin used for the visualization the complete audio output of your system will be shown on the visualizer. For the best experience only play music. This is something I cant fix.

Getting started

Automatic installation

ย ย ย 1. Download the latest skin here:

ย ย ย 2. Install the skin by double-clicking the .rmskin file and going through the installer.

ย ย ย 3. After finishing the setup Rainmeter will open the settings skin where you can access additional options.

ย ย ย 4. You're done! Enjoy your new desktop visualizer!

Manual installation

ย ย ย 1. Clone this repo to Documents\Rainmeter\Skins.

ย ย ย 2. Go to .installer\plugins and then move the 32 or 64-bit plugins (depending on your system) to ย ย ย AppData\Roaming\Rainmeter\Plugins.

ย ย ย 2a. If you plan to use WebNowPlaying install either the Chrome or Firefox plugins

ย ย ย 3. Launch Rainmeter and right-click the tray icon, press Skins and go to Monstercat-Visualizer and open ย ย ย Settings\intro\intro.ini.

ย ย ย 4. You're done! Enjoy your new desktop visualizer! To access the settings, right-click the visualizer and press Open ย ย ย Settings.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

You can access the frequently asked questions and our troubleshooting guide in our wiki.

Click here to open the wiki.

Issues & feature requests

If you still have issues or a bug, please report them here. Be sure to follow the existing template and fill out the necessary information, otherwise it will be closed without notice.

You can also request new features and help them develop by joining the discussion. Just add the request label to your issue and we will have a look!

Click here to get to the open issues.


  • Rainmeter Skin - @marcopixel & @tjhrulz
  • AudioLevel Plugin (visualizer) - @dcgrace
  • Spotify Plugin - .raptor from the Rainmeter Forums
  • Google Play Music Desktop Player Plugin - @tjhrulz
  • Web Now Playing Plugin - @tjhrulz
  • Nexa Font - FontFabric (thanks to RekaVM for showing me the fonts)
  • Media controls icons - Material Design icons by Google (
  • Monstercat 021 Artwork (used in the installer) - petirep
  • Thanks to undefinist for letting me use his factory code (made everything so much easier and cleaner)
  • Thanks to @alatsombath for letting me use his rotation and audio device picker code :thumbsup:
  • For bringing awesome music and artists to the community - Monstercat <3
Disclaimer: The resources used in this skin are in no way endorsed by the respective owners. This skin is not affiliated with Monstercat and the artists.
Monstercat-Visualizer open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 2 years Visualizer still not working after following troubleshooting
  • about 2 years Song information clipping on wrong side of right song info
Monstercat-Visualizer open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Better Visualizer
Monstercat-Visualizer list of languages used
Monstercat-Visualizer latest release notes
1.8.1 Update 1.8.1 - Small hotfix

This is a small hotfix for the issues regarding the shadow on the inverted visualizer and also the aspect ratio bug of the cover image when using Youtube.


  • Fixed offset drop shadow when inverted
  • Fixed aspect ratio of non-square images
  • Fixed Ignore Sound setting using hard-coded value instead of variable
  • Updated GPMDP plugin to 1.4.1 (reduces CPU usage and fixes slowdowns)
1.8.0 Update 1.8.0 - Shadow Of The Day

There is a lot of new stuff in this new update, but first i wanted to thank @tjhrulz again for helping me with this update because this will include his newest plugin: WebNowPlaying

It will fetch the song you're playing from your webbrowser through an extension (Chrome and Firefox) and it will display the song information in the skin. It got support for many major websites and streaming services, including Youtube, SoundCloud and Pandora and many more are planned.

Now onto the changelog:

  • Added WebNowPlaying plugin
  • Added Drop shadow option (ON by default)
  • Added Ignore Sound when not playing option (this will disable the visualizer when no media player is playing)
  • Added Invert Visualizer option (this will flip the spectrum, but keeps the rotation angle)
  • Added Open variables file button on right-click menu
  • Updated Google Play Music Desktop Player Plugin to 1.4.0
  • Fixed Genre colors not updating after song has changed
  • Fixed song information being cut-off
  • Fixed settings sliders not working propertly sometimes
  • Smaller bugfixes and audio adjustments
1.7.1 Update 1.7.1 - All the Small Things

This update will improve the performance of the visualizer and also fix some smaller issues which we introduced with the last update. Thanks for @tjhrulz for doing all the magic on these fixes and improvements

Now the changelog:

  • General performance improvements (up to 5-10% less CPU usage on the settings skins)
  • Updated Google Play Music Desktop Player Plugin to 1.3.1
  • Updated Mouse.dll Plugin to 3.2.0
  • Changed text color of position and duration to keep consistent with the player controls
  • Fixed encoding issue on rotation title (the degrees symbol would be replaced by random characters)
  • Fixed mediaplayer selection not showing selection when pressed
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