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Resources for Google's Material Design

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Material Design

Resources for Google's Material Design mainly for Adobe Illustrator.


  • Material Design Actions - Action sets for shades & tints (edges) and finishes in Adobe Illustrator
  • Graphic Styles - Files that allow you to quickly switch between appearances in Adobe Illustrator
  • Icon Object Examples - Images that show icon design patterns that I reference in Adobe Illustrator
  • New Document Profiles - Files that control the size, swatches, and graphic styles, and some settings upon making a new document in Adobe Illustrator
  • Symbols - System icon and typography sets for in Adobe Illustrator

Installation and Instructions

Each folder has it's own README.md that should guide you.


You need to download the raw version.

  1. Go to the file you want to download.
  2. Click it to view the contents within the GitHub UI.
  3. In the top right, right-click the Raw button. (Should download or lead you to a page like this)
  4. If it doesn't download immediately, right-click > Save as
  5. To make sure the file is readable by Illustrator by removing the .txt at the end of the file name if it was added.

Source and further reading

Also if you need to download multiple files from the same repo, cloning via git/GitHub Desktop or downloading an entire branch might be helpful as well.

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