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Example code and PCB design files for the MPU-9105, 9DOF.

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Main language Eagle
Average time to merge a PR about 2 months
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Organization / Authorsparkfun
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9 Degrees of Freedom - MPU-9150 Breakout

9 Degrees of Freedom - MPU-9150 Breakout
9 Degrees of Freedom - MPU-9150 Breakout (SEN-11486)

The MPU-9150 is an accelerometer, gyro, and magnetometer all in a single package with an I2C interface. The datasheet can be found here.

Repository Contents

  • /firmware - An Arduino library with an example that sends raw sensor data out of the serial port
  • /hardware - All Eagle design files

License Information

The hardware is released under Creative Commons Share-alike 3.0.
The firmware is released under the MIT License.

Hardware author: Aaron Weiss @ SparkFun Electonics
Firmware original author: Jeff Rowberg (; modified by Aaron Weiss (

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  • almost 4 years Serial data randomly stops
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