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LaTeX plugin for Sublime Text 2 and 3

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Statistics on LaTeXTools

Number of watchers on Github 1606
Number of open issues 270
Average time to close an issue 3 days
Main language Python
Average time to merge a PR 20 days
Open pull requests 114+
Closed pull requests 50+
Last commit about 3 years ago
Repo Created over 9 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 2 years ago
Size 2.53 MB
Homepage https://latextool...
Organization / Authorsublimetext
Latest Releasev3.7.8
Page Updated
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LateXTools: A LaTeX Plugin for Sublime Text 2 and 3

by Ian Bacher, Marciano Siniscalchi, and Richard Stein

Marciano's blog: http://tekonomist.wordpress.com

Documentation: https://latextools.readthedocs.io

Latest revision: v3.14.1 (2017-06-01).

Package Control

Headline features:

  • Documentation migrated to ReadTheDocs (https://latextools.readthedocs.io)
  • Support for the import package
  • TOC quickpanel now shows just the current document when using (C-r)
  • Uses analysis for ref / cite commands and better caching
  • Improved fill all completions for large files
  • %!TEX directives now override settings in all circumstances


LaTeXTools uses pre-releases to beta test new features and improve the stability of releases. If you also want to get the newest features and help us testing them. Just open Preferences > Package Settings > Package Control > Settings - User and insert at a reasonable (correct JSON syntax) position:

    "install_prereleases": ["LaTeXTools"],

If you also use prereleases of other packages just add them comma separated into the list.


This plugin provides several features that simplify working with LaTeX files:

  • The ST build command takes care of compiling your LaTeX source to PDF using texify (Windows/MikTeX) or latexmk (OSX/MacTeX, Windows/TeXlive, Linux/TeXlive). Then, it parses the log file and lists errors and warning. Finally, it launches the PDF viewer and, on supported viewers (Sumatra PDF on Windows, Skim on OSX, and Evince on Linux by default) jumps to the current cursor position.
  • Forward and inverse search with the named PDF previewers is fully supported
  • Fill everything including references, citations, packages, graphics, figures, etc.
  • Plugs into the Goto anything facility to make jumping to any section or label in your LaTeX file(s)
  • Smart command completion for a variety of text and math commands
  • Additional snippets and commands are also provided
  • Fully customizable build command
  • Fully customizable PDF viewers
  • Full support for project files and multi-file documents
  • Easily view package documentation
  • Word counts

Requirements and Setup

The easiest way to install LaTeXTools is via Package Control. See the Package Control installation instructions for details on how to set it up (it's very easy.) Once you have Package Control up and running, invoke it (via the Command Palette from the Tools menu, or from Preferences), select the Install Package command, and find LaTeXTools.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can always clone the git repository, or else just grab this plugin's .zip file from GitHub and extract it to your Packages directory (you can open it easily from ST, by clicking on Preferences > Browse Packages). Then, (re)launch ST. Please note that if you do a manual installation, the Package must be named LaTeXTools.

Finally, you'll need to have a working TeX installation and a PDF viewer. LaTeXTools supports MacTeX, MiKTeX and TeXLive as TeX systems and Skim, Sumatra PDF, Evince, Okular, and Zathura as PDF viewers. For detailed instructions on how to set these up, please see our online documentation!

Bugs, issues & feature requests

Please read the installation instructions carefully to ensure you get up and running as quickly as possible. Help for troubleshooting common issues can be found in the Troubleshooting section at the end of this README. For other bugs, issues or to request new features, please get in touch with us via Github.

Please search for existing issues and pull requests before opening a new issue.


Additional contributors (thank you thank you thank you): first of all, Wallace Wu and Juerg Rast, who contributed code for multifile support in ref and cite completions, new-style ref/cite completion, and project file support. Also, skuroda (Preferences menu), Sam Finn (initial multifile support for the build command); Daniel Fleischhacker (Linux build fixes), Mads Mobaek (universal newline support), Stefan Ollinger (initial Linux support), RoyalTS (aka Tobias Schidt?) (help with bibtex regexes and citation code, various fixes), Juan Falgueras (latexmk option to handle non-ASCII paths), Jeremy Jay (basic biblatex support), Ray Fang (texttt snippet), Ulrich Gabor (tex engine selection and cleaning aux files), Wes Campaigne and 'jlegewie' (ref/cite completion 2.0!). Huge thanks to Daniel Shannon (aka phyllisstein) who first ported LaTeXTools to ST3. Also thanks for Charley Peng, who has been assisting users and generating great pull requests; I'll merge them as soon as possible. Also William Ledoux (various Windows fixes, env support), Sean Zhu (find Skim.app in non-standard locations), Maximilian Berger (new center/table snippet), Lucas Nanni (recursively delete temp files), Sergey Slipchenko ($ auto-pairing with Vintage), btstream (original fill-all command; LaTeX-cwl support), Richard Stein (auto-hide build panel, jump to included tex files, LaTeX-cwl support config, TEX spellcheck support, functions to analyze LaTeX documents, cache functionality, multiple cursor editing), Dan Schrage (nobibliography command), PoByBolek (more biblatex command), Rafael Lerm (support for multiple lines in \bibliography commands), Jeff Spencer (override keep_focus and forward_sync via key-binding), Jonas Malaco Filho (improvements to the Evince scripts), Michael Bar-Sinai (bibtex snippets).

If you have contributed and I haven't acknowledged you, email me!

LaTeXTools open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 4 years Package XCharter causes log parsing issues.
  • about 4 years newcolumntype syntax/math preview problems
  • about 4 years Problem of Math Preview
  • about 4 years Possible enhancement: Scopes for commands like siunitx
  • about 4 years Possible enhancement: live previewing tables and tikz figures
  • about 4 years preview images/math with macro
  • about 4 years Math Preview Hover Option
  • about 4 years Strange character popping up since update
  • about 4 years Math environment highlight
  • about 4 years Preview images on hover not working
  • about 4 years Latextools does not detect changes in file
  • about 4 years Math preview not working
  • about 4 years Replacement of characters in \label{}
  • about 4 years `.bib` file not copied to temp directory with `aux_directory=<<temp>>`
  • about 4 years Auto-pairing inside math mode
  • about 4 years \includegraphics redundant path completion in subfolders
  • about 4 years error message for %!TEX jobname
  • about 4 years Locate all snippets/completions
  • about 4 years Feature request: integration with Language​Tool for grammar checking
  • about 4 years Log parsing error, happens when log file has 4 extra lines
  • about 4 years Allow multiple TEX roots
  • about 4 years Allow TEX root magic comment anywhere in file
  • over 4 years LaTeXtools could not parse the TeX log file (actually, we never should have gotten here)
  • over 4 years Feature request: filter warnings to ignore for hiding build panel
  • over 4 years Issues with Okular when tabs are used to display new PDFs
  • over 4 years autocompletion of \cite{ breaks with labeled bibliography
  • over 4 years LaTeXtools could not parse the TeX log file
  • over 4 years Open image command doesn't work for projects with figures in the sub-directories
  • over 4 years Add Gitter.Im for as a community support channel
  • over 4 years Fill/Reference helper also reading commented out lines that have \label{}
LaTeXTools open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Pluggable viewers
  • Change default value for `hide_build_panel` to `no_warnings`
  • Use packages to determine which cwl files to use
  • Pluggable builders
  • Utility functions: "Analyze LaTeX document" and "Cache"
  • Added multifile support for package 'subfile'
  • Option for choosing PDF viewer
  • Better Bibliography Editing
  • Better cite-completions (plugin version)
  • Update readme.markdown to a better installation manual.
  • Feature: Word count
  • Extended cite command matching
  • Support date and journal title
  • Add support for zathura and an option to choose a PDF viewer
  • Add biber support for simpleBuilder
  • added italics hotkey
  • Support for multi-line/spaces in \bibliography command.
  • Add Better code folding
  • Add features of "fill all", "LaTeX-cwl auto-completion" and "code folding"
  • Added options part to addbibresource regex
  • Improved support for bib files
  • Fix: platform-specific `builder_settings` bug
  • Fix bug in bibliography auto-completion that occurs when a line in the bib file can't be parsed
  • comment/example for builder_setting/command
  • Tracking of bad boxes
  • Better template for wrapping in environments
  • Match algorithm2e labels
  • docs for the project settings approach for TEXroot
  • Include the AutoLaTeX compiler with the builder API of LaTeXTools.
  • add support for more biblatex commands
  • System Check
  • fix spaces in keyword for cite autocompletion
  • cite completion was broken because of utf8 problems in tex file
  • Allow focus of pdf editor by passing args for using keybindings
  • Multiple-cursor support for FillAll helper
  • Reorganize README
  • Jump to Anywhere
  • Rework of input completions
  • Add support for --output-directory and --aux-directory
  • Adds a standard way to run external commands.
  • Improves syncing with evince
  • Update README.markdown
  • ctrl+l (super on OSX), r adds a \ref{}
  • Less Obtrusive Build Panel
  • Ensure Okular is always launched in a unique instance
  • Also parse files included by import package
  • Made LaTeXTools compatible with LaTeX-Plus syntax definition
  • Add completions for subref
  • Highlight errors, warnings and bad boxes in the console
  • Self-defined commands completions
  • Add a viewer for Zathura
  • fix trigger toggle for \epsilon and \varepsilon
  • Improved insert environment behavior
  • Update bibtex parser to support cryptobib
  • ctrl+l, c (with blank command now adds a \cite{})
  • Snippet tweak
  • Support showing the eprint bibtex entry in the cite panel
  • Update LaTeX.sublime-build
  • Dependency for `markdown-popups`
  • Math Live Preview
  • Search for commands in the whole document
  • Jump to anywhere: Show label usages
  • Add variants for different build configurations
  • Fix for mac line endings in files (Fixes #286)
  • Fixed command output in makePDF.py
  • trying some other encodes
  • Update README.markdown
  • Added additional backup types for {journal} in the cite_panel_format.
  • fixed '\epsilon' -> 'varepsilon' toggle bug
  • Use warnings instead of errors
  • Added the ability to easily change environment and specify a default bibtex bibliography
  • Adding Steady Forward Sync
  • Added a trigger to create german question marks
  • Uses Preview.app if Skim.app is not available
  • CWL-completions for \begin{}...\end{}
  • Improved keybinding for inserting $ pairs
  • Support for the glossary package
  • Preview: Try to use the view's scope
  • Preview: Fix overly close math preview cropping
  • Small improvements to cwl completions
  • Move documentation to readthedocs
  • Preview: Add support for more JPEG files
  • Preview: Use ghostscript directly for equation previews
  • Added "newacronym" in glo_filter_commands
  • Only use preview_math_hires if using Ghostscript 9.14 or newer
  • Support for the import package
  • Added keyboard shortcut for small caps text (Ctrl+L, Ctrl+S)
  • Use analysis for Ref and Cite commands
  • Improve badbox log parsing code
  • Added "recommended packages" to the documentation
  • Override output_directory, aux_directory and jobname from current view
  • Fix for issue #1070 - Autocomplete for \cite{} and \ref{} looks in open buffers too
  • Added a setting to make the preview math scopes configurable
  • Improve cache sanity
  • Implements feature requested in #1043
  • Add a command to automatically insert label contents
  • Add support for \graphicspath{...}
  • Improve glossary completions
  • Added a quickpanel, which is able to input characters
  • Popup for quick and easy insertion of symbols inside math environments
  • Remove various hacks required for ST2
  • strip doublequotes from filename in _jumpto_tex_file
  • Strip quotes from filename when analyzing for cache
  • Fix bug where unfinished lines were not being detected
  • Added hover html-documentation viewer for commands end environments
  • Typeerror can only join an iterable
  • Fix reports No errors. No warnings. No bad boxes. when there are errors
  • Trimmed white spaces on logparse
  • Implemented the display of the last log lines on parseTeXlog.py as
  • Auto-pair escaped braces, brackets, and parens
  • Fix cache returning unidentified `object()`
  • Math preview: Add current tex dir to search path
  • Created the parameter single_selection for latex_fill_all
  • Adding a line with the current .log file in the console output.
LaTeXTools questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • Sublime Text LaTeXTools console autohide
  • Latextools does not display cite keys if .tex file is in subfolder
  • "Smart quotes" in Sublime Text 2 with LaTeXTools
  • Sublime Text 2 LatexTools not launching SumatraPDF
  • Problems with forward and backwards search in sublime (latextools)
  • Expand selection to brackets in math mode doesn't work for LatexTools in sublimeText 2
  • LaTeXTools + Sublime Text 3 does not compile (after installing Yosemite public beta)
  • Sublime Text 3 LaTeXTools plugin won't compile on Ubuntu
  • Sublime Text 3 LaTeXTools plugin won't compile on Debian
  • running Sublime Text build with latex instead of pdflatex from LaTeXTools plugin
  • automatic glossary generation using Sublime Text 2 with LatexTools
  • Sublime Text 2 Latextools does not display cite keys
  • Sublime Text 2 with LateXTools - strange autocompletion behavior
  • Foreward/Inverssearch with Latextools doesnt work any more
LaTeXTools list of languages used
LaTeXTools latest release notes
  • New viewers for Preview.app and Okular
  • New bibliography parser available (see the settings file)
  • Support for most citation commands, especially using BibLaTeX
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