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InboxRecyclerView open issues (View Closed Issues)
  • 8 months Strange animation
  • 8 months Support nested scrolling in ExpandablePageLayout
  • 8 months RelativeLayout???

InboxRecyclerView closed issues

  • 7 months Ability to use UUID instead of long value when expanding
  • 7 months Error : Adapter needs to have stable IDs so that the expanded item can be restored across orientation changes.
  • 7 months Item add/remove/change/move animations do not work
  • 7 months Animation is always on top
  • 7 months Blank spaces between items
  • 8 months Items repeating when slide down in recyclerview
  • 8 months Support for non-androidx library
  • 8 months When true this should break out of the loop
  • 8 months Expanded item stays focused even after the content has collapsed
  • 8 months Sliding carton