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The F# compiler as a component. For editors. For analyzers. For love. You know you want it.

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Statistics on FSharp.Compiler.Service

Number of watchers on Github 176
Number of open issues 65
Average time to close an issue about 1 month
Main language F#
Average time to merge a PR 2 days
Open pull requests 39+
Closed pull requests 22+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created about 6 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 179 MB
Homepage http://fsharp.git...
Organization / Authorfsharp
Latest Release9.0.0
Page Updated
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F# Compiler Service

The F# compiler services package contains a custom build of the F# compiler that exposes additional functionality for implementing F# language bindings, additional tools based on the compiler or refactoring tools. The package also includes F# interactive service that can be used for embedding F# scripting into your applications.


For more information about the project, see:

Build and Test

.NET Framework:

fcs\build.cmd Test.NetFx

fcs/ Test.NetFx

.NET Core / .NET Standard

fcs\build.cmd Test.NetStd

fcs/ Test.NetStd  


build NuGet
build TestAndNuGet

Build Status

Head (branch master):

  • Linux/OSX: Build Status
  • Windows: Build status

NuGet NuGet Badge

Stable builds are available in the NuGet Gallery:

All AppVeyor builds are available using the NuGet feed:

If using Paket, add the source at the top of paket.dependencies.


This project is subject to the MIT License. A copy of this license can be found in License.txt at the root of this repo.


The maintainers of this repository from the F# Core Engineering Group are:

FSharp.Compiler.Service open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 3 years Feature: API to ask for #r list
  • almost 3 years Question: How to apply non-targetted Range value?
  • almost 3 years checkPathForIllegalChars contains a grow only cache that will likely scale poorly with solution / project size
  • almost 3 years FSharpSymbol do not carry information about enum fields
  • about 3 years Use Nuget packages for MSBuild Dependencies
  • about 3 years Add docs for ProjectCracker
  • about 3 years Add docs for how to opt-out of the MSBuild dependency for reference resolution
  • about 3 years Cannot build on linux
  • about 3 years PCL project build tests failing on mono:latest os:linux
  • about 3 years Feature request: Either expose a default filled `FSharpDisplayContext` or add the ability to add default openings
  • about 3 years ProjectCracker doesn't process valid fsproj files
  • about 3 years Compiling from a fresh clone results in an error
  • about 3 years FSharp.Compiler.Service dependency on MSBuild
  • about 3 years Project Cracker directly from NuGet directories
  • about 3 years Project Cracker Output and Behavior Issues
  • about 3 years Introduce `#use` API in FCS (#load with fragment-by-fragment evaluation)
  • about 3 years Question: NoComparison attribute on pos and Range
  • over 3 years Discussion for: When can we have an alpha release of FCS for dot net core?
  • over 3 years Discussion about creating a friendly compiler API
  • over 3 years Using FsAutoComplete with dotnetcore version of FCS results in compiler errors
  • over 3 years FCS ignores source errors in #load'ed sub-scripts
  • over 3 years Type Providers design assembly required without direct reference.
  • over 3 years FCS.ProjectCracker on dotnet core - msbuild version
  • over 3 years FSCS not incorporating quotation literal type representation introduced in F# 4.0
  • over 3 years ProjectCracker fails to detect references
  • over 3 years Report bound top-level variables from EvalInteraction
  • over 3 years Inconsistent tooltip information
  • over 3 years Add variables to FsiEvaluationSession from the host.
  • over 3 years Nuget for FSharp.Compiler.Interactive.Settings.dll?
  • over 3 years FSharpSymbol.ImplementationLocation points to definition in FSI file across multiple projects
FSharp.Compiler.Service open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Intrinsic type extenstions fix
  • added field names for DU cases
  • WIP: Write PDBs to stream instead of file
  • dotnet core cli build
  • add Interactive Settings assembly to nuget package
  • Fixed empty symbol declared pdb.
  • add FSharpEntity.ArrayRank
  • Dotnet Core tests - wip
  • Project cracker: Set properties before loading the project.
  • NOP PR to test against Mono latest
  • Netcore build step fix
  • Added FSharpTargetsPath condition
  • Fix file ordering when getting script options
  • WIP: Make CoreCLR work
  • define NETSTANDARD1_5 (not defined by default anymore).
  • Updated version of
  • Fix for incorrect url from pull request #614
  • Fixing binary reader on xplat
  • upload nupkg with github release
  • Project cracker: Set properties before loading the project.
  • minor code cleanup for il.fs
  • Delete out
  • NOOP change to test CI build
  • Integrate from fsharp\fsharp master
  • Sign FSharp.Compiler.Service using Test key
  • Compiler api harmonise
  • allow for use of the FCS_DNC env flag to skip doing DNC build steps
  • Fix 631
  • Added missing fsx default reference
  • Fixed netcore codegen on Linux
  • add compile tests
  • Add mono weekly to build matrix
  • [Ready for Review] Make incremental builder thread-safe: continuation
  • [WIP] Fable support
  • [WIP] Build on upcoming Mono version (Mono 5)
  • integrate visualfsharp master
  • pack source linked pdb files
  • Fix incorrect bindings for untyped example
  • integrate visualfsharp master
FSharp.Compiler.Service questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • Embedding F# Interactive Example Throwing Exception from FSharp.Compiler.Service
FSharp.Compiler.Service list of languages used
FSharp.Compiler.Service latest release notes
9.0.0 9.0.0

Update names of union fields in AST API Fix load closure for ParseAndCheckInteraction Fix #631 compiler dependency on MSBuild ( Fixed netcore codegen on Linux Explicit error when cracker exe is missing

8.0.0 8.0.0

Integrate fsharp\fsharp and Microsoft\visualfsharp to c494a9cab525dbd89585f7b733ea5310471a8001

6.0.2 6.0.2

Fix #568: recognize provided expressions

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