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Examples using Zewo's linux frameworks

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Examples using Zewo's linux frameworks


  • [x] Server
  • [x] Router
  • [x] Middleware
  • [x] File



import Zewo

let log = Log()
let logger = LogMiddleware(log: log)

try Server(reusePort: true, middleware: logger) { _ in
    return Response(body: "hello")


import Zewo

let router = Router { route in
    route.get("/") { _ in
        return Response(status: .OK, body: "hello")

try Server(responder: router).start()


import Zewo

let log = Log()
let logger = LogMiddleware(log: log)

let parsers = MediaTypeParserCollection()
parsers.add(JSONMediaType, parser: JSONInterchangeDataParser())
parsers.add(URLEncodedFormMediaType, parser: URLEncodedFormInterchangeDataParser())

let serializers = MediaTypeSerializerCollection()
serializers.add(JSONMediaType, serializer: JSONInterchangeDataSerializer())
serializers.add(URLEncodedFormMediaType, serializer: URLEncodedFormInterchangeDataSerializer())

let contentNegotiation = ServerContentNegotiationMiddleware(
    parsers: parsers,
    serializers: serializers

try Server(middleware: logger, contentNegotiation) { _ in
    let content: InterchangeData = [
        "foo": "bar",
        "hello": "world"

    return Response(content: content)


import Zewo

try Server(responder: FileResponder(basePath: "public")).start()



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Examples are released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

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