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The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.

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The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.

Also see the website, although information in this README is more up-to-date.

You can also read this README in Spanish!

What are declaration files?

See the TypeScript handbook.

How do I get them?


This is the preferred method. This is only available for TypeScript 2.0+ users. For example:

npm install --save-dev @types/node

The types should then be automatically included by the compiler. See more in the handbook.

For an NPM package foo, typings for it will be at @types/foo. If you can't find your package, look for it on TypeSearch.

If you still can't find it, check if it bundles its own typings. This is usually provided in a "types" or "typings" field in the package.json, or just look for any .d.ts files in the package and manually include them with a /// <reference path="" />.

Other methods

These can be used by TypeScript 1.0.

  • Typings
  • NuGet (use preferred alternatives, nuget DT type publishing has been turned off)
  • Manually download from the master branch of this repository

You may need to add manual references.

How can I contribute?

DefinitelyTyped only works because of contributions by users like you!


Before you share your improvement with the world, use it yourself.

Test editing an existing package

To add new features you can use module augmentation. You can also directly edit the types in node_modules/@types/foo/index.d.ts, or copy them from there and follow the steps below.

Test a new package

Add to your tsconfig.json:

"baseUrl": "types",
"typeRoots": ["types"],

(You can also use src/types.) Create types/foo/index.d.ts containing declarations for the module foo. You should now be able import from "foo" in your code and it will route to the new type definition. Then build and run the code to make sure your type definition actually corresponds to what happens at runtime. Once you've tested your definitions with real code, make a PR then follow the instructions to edit an existing package or create a new package.

Make a pull request

Once you've tested your package, you can share it on DefinitelyTyped.

First, fork this repository, install node, and run npm install.

Edit an existing package

  • cd types/my-package-to-edit
  • Make changes. Remember to edit tests.
  • You may also want to add yourself to Definitions by section of the package header.
    • This will cause you to be notified (via your GitHub username) whenever someone makes a pull request or issue about the package.
    • Do this by adding your name to the end of the line, as in // Definitions by: Alice <>, Bob <>.
    • Or if there are more people, it can be multiline typescript // Definitions by: Alice <> // Bob <> // Steve <> // John <>
  • If there is a tslint.json, run npm run lint package-name. Otherwise, run tsc in the package directory.

When you make a PR to edit an existing package, dt-bot should @-mention previous authors. If it doesn't, you can do so yourself in the comment associated with the PR.

Create a new package

If you are the library author, or can make a pull request to the library, bundle types instead of publishing to DefinitelyTyped.

If you are adding typings for an NPM package, create a directory with the same name. If the package you are adding typings for is not on NPM, make sure the name you choose for it does not conflict with the name of a package on NPM. (You can use npm info foo to check for the existence of the foo package.)

Your package should have this structure:

File Purpose
index.d.ts This contains the typings for the package.
foo-tests.ts This contains sample code which tests the typings. This code does not run, but it is type-checked.
tsconfig.json This allows you to run tsc within the package.
tslint.json Enables linting.

Generate these by running npm install -g dts-gen and dts-gen --dt --name my-package-name --template module. See all options at dts-gen.

You may edit the tsconfig.json to add new files, to add "target": "es6" (needed for async functions), to add to "lib", or to add the "jsx" compiler option.

DefinitelyTyped members routinely monitor for new PRs, though keep in mind that the number of other PRs may slow things down.

For a good example package, see base64-js.

Common mistakes

  • First, follow advice from the handbook.
  • Formatting: Either use all tabs, or always use 4 spaces.
  • function sum(nums: number[]): number: Use ReadonlyArray if a function does not write to its parameters.
  • interface Foo { new(): Foo; }: This defines a type of objects that are new-able. You probably want declare class Foo { constructor(); }.
  • const Class: { new(): IClass; }: Prefer to use a class declaration class Class { constructor(); } instead of a new-able constant.
  • getMeAT<T>(): T: If a type parameter does not appear in the types of any parameters, you don't really have a generic function, you just have a disguised type assertion. Prefer to use a real type assertion, e.g. getMeAT() as number. Example where a type parameter is acceptable: function id<T>(value: T): T;. Example where it is not acceptable: function parseJson<T>(json: string): T;. Exception: new Map<string, number>() is OK.
  • Using the types Function and Object is almost never a good idea. In 99% of cases it's possible to specify a more specific type. Examples are (x: number) => number for functions and { x: number, y: number } for objects. If there is no certainty at all about the type, any is the right choice, not Object. If the only known fact about the type is that it's some object, use the type object, not Object or { [key: string]: any }.
  • var foo: string | any: When any is used in a union type, the resulting type is still any. So while the string portion of this type annotation may look useful, it in fact offers no additional typechecking over simply using any. Depending on the intention, acceptable alternatives could be any, string, or string | object.

Removing a package

When a package bundles its own types, types should be removed from DefinitelyTyped to avoid confusion.

You can remove it by running npm run not-needed -- typingsPackageName asOfVersion sourceRepoURL [libraryName].

  • typingsPackageName: This is the name of the directory to delete.
  • asOfVersion: A stub will be published to @types/foo with this version. Should be higher than any currently published version.
  • sourceRepoURL: This should point to the repository that contains the typings.
  • libraryName: Descriptive name of the library, e.g. Angular 2 instead of angular2. (If ommitted, will be identical to typingsPackageName.)

Any other packages in DefinitelyTyped that referenced the deleted package should be updated to reference the bundled types. To do this, add a package.json with "dependencies": { "foo": "x.y.z" }.

If a package was never on DefinitelyTyped, it does not need to be added to notNeededPackages.json.


To lint a package, just add a tslint.json to that package containing { "extends": "dtslint/dt.json" }. All new packages must be linted. If a tslint.json turns rules off, this is because that hasn't been fixed yet. For example:

    "extends": "dtslint/dt.json",
    "rules": {
        // This package uses the Function type, and it will take effort to fix.
        "ban-types": false

(To indicate that a lint rule truly does not apply, use // tslint:disable rule-name or better, //tslint:disable-next-line rule-name.)

To assert that an expression is of a given type, use $ExpectType. To assert that an expression causes a compile error, use $ExpectError.

// $ExpectType void

// $ExpectError

For more details, see dtslint readme.

Test by running npm run lint package-name where package-name is the name of your package. This script uses dtslint.


What exactly is the relationship between this repository and the @types packages on NPM?

The master branch is automatically published to the @types scope on NPM thanks to types-publisher.

I've submitted a pull request. How long until it is merged?

It depends, but most pull requests will be merged within a week. PRs that have been approved by an author listed in the definition's header are usually merged more quickly; PRs for new definitions will take more time as they require more review from maintainers. Each PR is reviewed by a TypeScript or DefinitelyTyped team member before being merged, so please be patient as human factors may cause delays. Check the PR Burndown Board to see progress as maintainers work through the open PRs.

My PR is merged; when will the @types NPM package be updated?

NPM packages should update within a few hours. If it's been more than 24 hours, ping @RyanCavanaugh and @andy-ms on the PR to investigate.

I'm writing a definition that depends on another definition. Should I use <reference types="" /> or an import?

If the module you're referencing is an external module (uses export), use an import. If the module you're referencing is an ambient module (uses declare module, or just declares globals), use <reference types="" />.

I notice some packages having a package.json here.

Usually you won't need this. When publishing a package we will normally automatically create a package.json for it. A package.json may be included for the sake of specifying dependencies. Here's an example. We do not allow other fields, such as "description", to be defined manually. Also, if you need to reference an older version of typings, you must do that by adding "dependencies": { "@types/foo": "x.y.z" } to the package.json.

Some packages have no tslint.json, and some tsconfig.json are missing "noImplicitAny": true, "noImplicitThis": true, or "strictNullChecks": true.

Then they are wrong. You can help by submitting a pull request to fix them.

Can I request a definition?

Here are the currently requested definitions.

What about type definitions for the DOM?

If types are part of a web standard, they should be contributed to TSJS-lib-generator so that they can become part of the default lib.dom.d.ts.

A package uses export =, but I prefer to use default imports. Can I change export = to export default?

If default imports work in your environment, consider turning on the --allowSyntheticDefaultImports compiler option. Do not change the type definition if it is accurate. For an NPM package, export = is accurate if node -p 'require("foo")' is the export, and export default is accurate if node -p 'require("foo").default' is the export.

I want to use features from TypeScript 2.1 or above.

Then you will have to add a comment to the last line of your definition header (after // Definitions: // TypeScript Version: 2.1.

I want to add a DOM API not present in TypeScript by default.

This may belong in TSJS-Lib-Generator. See the guidelines there. If the standard is still a draft, it belongs here. Use a name beginning with dom- and include a link to the standard as the Project link in the header. When it graduates draft mode, we may remove it from DefinitelyTyped and deprecate the associated @types package.

I want to update a package to a new major version

If you intend to continue updating the older version of the package, you may create a new subfolder with the current version e.g. v2, and copy existing files to it. If so, you will need to:

  1. Update the relative paths in tsconfig.json as well as tslint.json.
  2. Add path mapping rules to ensure that tests are running against the intended version.

For example history v2 tsconfig.json looks like:

    "compilerOptions": {
        "baseUrl": "../../",
        "typeRoots": ["../../"],
        "paths": {
            "history": [ "history/v2" ]
    "files": [

If there are other packages on DefinitelyTyped that are incompatible with the new version, you will need to add path mappings to the old version. You will also need to do this for packages depending on packages depending on the old version.

For example, react-router depends on history@2, so react-router tsconfig.json has a path mapping to "history": [ "history/v2" ]; transitively react-router-bootstrap (which depends on react-router) also adds a path mapping in its tsconfig.json.

Also, /// <reference types=".." /> will not work with path mapping, so dependencies must use import.

How do I write definitions for packages that can be used globally and as a module?

The TypeScript handbook contains excellent general information about writing definitions, and also this example definition file which shows how to create a definition using ES6-style module syntax, while also specifying objects made available to the global scope. This technique is demonstrated practically in the definition for big.js, which is a library that can be loaded globally via script tag on a web page, or imported via require or ES6-style imports.

To test how your definition can be used both when referenced globally or as an imported module, create a test folder, and place two test files in there. Name one YourLibraryName-global.test.ts and the other YourLibraryName-module.test.ts. The global test file should exercise the definition according to how it would be used in a script loaded on a web page where the library is available on the global scope - in this scenario you should not specify an import statement. The module test file should exercise the definition according to how it would be used when imported (including the import statement(s)). If you specify a files property in your tsconfig.json file, be sure to include both test files. A practical example of this is also available on the big.js definition.

Please note that it is not required to fully exercise the definition in each test file - it is sufficient to test only the globally-accessible elements on the global test file and fully exercise the definition in the module test file, or vice versa.

What about scoped packages?

Types for a scoped package @foo/bar should go in types/foo__bar. Note the double underscore.

When dts-gen is used to scaffold a scoped package, the paths property has to be manually adapted in the generated tsconfig.json to correctly reference the scoped package:

      "@foo/bar": ["foo__bar"]

The file history in GitHub looks incomplete.

GitHub doesn't support file history for renamed files. Use git log --follow instead.

Should I add an empty namespace to a package that doesn't export a module to use ES6 style imports?

Some packages, like chai-http, export a function.

Importing this module with an ES6 style import in the form import * as foo from "foo"; leads to the error:

error TS2497: Module 'foo' resolves to a non-module entity and cannot be imported using this construct

This error can be suppressed by merging the function declaration with an empty namespace of the same name, but this practice is discouraged. This is a commonly cited Stack Overflow answer regarding this matter.

It is more appropriate to import the module using the import foo = require("foo"); syntax, or to use a default import like import foo from "foo"; if using the --allowSyntheticDefaultImports flag if your module runtime supports an interop scheme for non-ECMAScript modules as such.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.

Copyrights on the definition files are respective of each contributor listed at the beginning of each definition file.


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  • Enable type checking for constant and value
  • ej typescripts v14.1.0.41 added
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  • Add type definitions for RxJS bindings for Node
  • added ObjectID methods
  • lodash: Add _.reduce for LoDashExplicitObjectWrapper
  • lodash-3.10: Add _.reduce for LoDashExplicitObjectWrapper
  • Allow paths to be buffers in fs of node v6.x
  • corrected case on showdownjs where "Converter" had been assigned the …
  • Added initial typings for remote-redux-devtools
  • Removed get/set (not present in the object) and added $sync function()
  • Updated atmosphere.js to have a default exported module.
  • Rectify type for IState.template
  • allow objects for hapi's request.log
  • Narrowing down possible values for direction parameter
  • http-protractor-mock: Add runtime mocks and plugin support.
  • Stripe node 4.6.0
  • state generic typeing
  • three: Fix a couple typos
  • add type defintions for correct md5 module (per npm)
  • Bluebird 3.0.0
  • angularjs: overload $injector.get with typings for builtin servies
  • Add MergeView typings to CodeMirror
  • Modified call signature of Sinon's calledWithNew method to no longer …
  • Jquery Tooltipster - Updated to version 3.3.0
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  • fixing a Promise bug in type definition
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  • Update RTCConfiguration interface to latest spec
  • Add expressionRewriting members
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  • Miss register to Configurationoptions
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  • Add PivotSchema property name 'cube'
  • Fixes #4467 - Separate out Stripe.js and stripe-node definitions
  • Adding registerTask() overloads for optional description
  • add node-fetch based on whatwg-fetch (#8931)
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  • Add missing nunjucks signatures
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  • Edited getAttrList to return ASTAttribute[].
  • remove moment.MomentFormatSpecification (doesn't exist)
  • Express' send method can be called with no parameters
  • Sync with current versionof jstree lib
  • Much better typed DynamoDB.DocumentClient.
  • Change log4javascript.Level from enum to class with static fields
  • Add null assertions and an undefined assertion alias to should.js.
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  • Update to point to Typings instead of tsd
  • [RFC] Lodash flow better arguments
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  • bytebuffer: remove superfluous namespace
  • long: remove superfluous namespace
  • Fix for Sequelize.FindOptions
  • Added find method with no args
  • Augment the sortingAlgorithm type with all its documented arguments.
  • attachClickHandler onsuccess should have a GoogleUser param
  • Add definitions for react-jsonschema-form 0.30.1
  • add another name which is usually use in project
  • Added missing deprecated method Collection remove
  • Leaflet markercluster update
  • Add definitions for common-tags
  • add sscan to redis
  • d3 - Adds function type to d3.layout.partition<T>
  • Updated definitions for wampy.js v3.0.x
  • z-schema: add 4 missing functions
  • RN: Fix typo and flukes
  • removed wasted word from the readme file
  • d3: Correct overload order
  • react-addons-perf: Update APIs to version 15.1.0
  • Update typings for `diff-match-patch`
  • add some definitions for leaflet 1.0.0
  • Add typings for react-codemirror
  • Fix body-parser json options object
  • Update project url
  • Linq
  • fix passport google oauth types
  • Deprecated and updated README appropriately
  • Updating JS SDK d.ts files
  • add streetview panorama options
  • definitions updated to Webix 3.3
  • Browser now has strongly typed `on` method
  • Add exported middleware handler to request-ip declaration
  • Added highcharts.zoomOut() method
  • Extended bootstrap.datepicker for custom formatting option
  • Update heatmap.js typings - valueField is not required
  • Updated version to 1.3.8 and added destroy property
  • Add constants
  • Adding logging interface to adal.d.ts
  • Create sinon-as-promised.d.ts
  • Add onCancel() support to Bluebird (2)
  • Fixing header suite failures
  • Updated azure-mobile-apps typings and tests
  • Created typings for angular-xeditable module
  • Make Sequelize work with TypeScript@next
  • Fix form-data for ES6 module
  • Adds react-data-grid typings
  • Added/Updated paramater objects for S3. Also added existing S3 methods
  • Fix i18next default export
  • Moved everything out of cordova/plugins
  • express-jwt - enhance callback type
  • react-loader
  • Start on updating Ember to 2.X
  • Added withRouter to react-router
  • Add export of propTypes and defaultProps
  • Add missing fromRotationTranslationScale to gl-matrix
  • react.d.ts: make nullable arguments of `` and etc
  • Update JSZip definitions for version 3
  • find and findLast return undefined on failure
  • Missing definition for _.any
  • fix(react-redux):Fixes issue with decorator @connect
  • Create chart-2.1.4.d.ts
  • Added type definitions for withings-lib
  • Implemented Amplitude SDK type definition.
  • Updated arcgis-js-api to 4.0
  • Update orientation type from number to string
  • Update chai-jquery.d.ts
  • angularjs - Additional params for $parse service
  • TypeScript-STL v1.0 RC-5
  • fix callback type of v8-profiler
  • Added NativeTypes Enum to DropTarget types
  • Hammerjs: eventType is a number, not a string, per the documentation
  • Remove unnecessary file
  • Types 2.0 ReactDom.render
  • Type WebRequestBody.formData
  • Added missing property GridColumnCommandItem.template
  • Fix typo, schema => scheme
  • Add missing url property for all requests
  • onAuthRequired allows additional arguments.
  • protobufjs: updated Message interfaces
  • Fix react-select definition for valueRenderer and clean up tests
  • Jquery.payment
  • Update typings for WebdriverIO to 4.0.4
  • escodegen types-2.0
  • estraverse types-2.0 version
  • Pouchdb
  • Add more strongly typed version of gl-matrix 2.3.0 definitions.
  • Added new property 'fixedHeight'
  • Update rosie.d.ts
  • Rewrite sanitize-html typings.
  • fetch-mock: update to v5
  • github-electron: Update to v1.2.7
  • Remove copy() from Camera
  • Update chroma-js to v1.1.1
  • difference between Crypt and Hash
  • fix definitions of express req.accepts functions
  • Improvement to node type definition
  • Fix nodemailer, add nodemailer-ses-transport, improve aws-sdk.
  • Update Auth0Lock to v10 API
  • Updated backbone to version 1.3
  • adds Notification interface to node-webkit typings
  • Updating handlebars to version 4, and filling in missing documentation.
  • D3 version 4 Legacy + Additional Module
  • Fix some comments that look like JSDoc comments (begin with `/**`) but are not
  • Added twit definitions.
  • Update moment-node.ts
  • Update to Electron 1.3.2
  • extend ckeditor typings
  • add more exports
  • Add type definitions for doctrine, the jsdoc parser
  • Fix service_worker_api bug
  • Use estree typings in estraverse
  • Test commit
  • Completely remove `angularjs` directory
  • Fixes #10355
  • Added event listeners to i18next.d.ts
  • Fix for issue #10315
  • Fix StatelessComponent interface
  • fix: Enable the use of the parse() method for superagent
  • bing speech api-Speech Recognition
  • Empty commit to test CI
  • Added Thenable interface for Async Methods.
  • Update redux-logger typings for compatibility with Redux typings
  • Empty commit for testing travis build
  • Add the options argument to openlayers custom control
  • Improve type definition for isomorphic-fetch
  • revalidator: fix and update
  • Adding definitions for the set-cookie-parser library
  • added minSize and maxSide to React-Dropzone
  • add remove function typings to pouchdb-core
  • add compact function typings to pouchdb-core
  • add typings for pouchdb-upsert. resolves #10596
  • Fixes #10684
  • Started work on HERE Maps API for JavaScript typedefs.
  • Adding missing method definitions to diff-match-patch
  • Small change to phone typings
  • Add extra static members to the Node v4 Error class
  • New definition for universal-router
  • d3-selection enhancements and D3 module version numbers.
  • Update reactForm call arguments
  • Adds shorthands for mock() for particular methods
  • RxJS DOM: ajax doesn't return Error, throws instead
  • Fix json method signatures to match restler apis to pass json data.
  • Fix typing for cybozulabs-md5
  • knex allows usage of Buffer types for values
  • Mixed case
  • Fixing broken tests due to object-assign type definition change
  • Fix module name of auth0-js.
  • Added react-native requireNativeComponent function
  • Added the parsingFlags function to Moment
  • Templating type definition
  • Update react-router
  • Paper Type Definitions
  • Add diff2html typings and tests
  • Make sure createLogger is a default export.
  • add to SocketIO.Server
  • swiper options according to docs
  • Updating Quill JS definitions to v1.0.0
  • Typings for rbush
  • Added a constructor and interface for the OSM class.
  • log4js.d.ts: remove express reference and types (#10910)
  • Moved fs constants under constants as per documentation
  • [node] Test that imported and global `console` are same
  • [node] imported and global process are same
  • Support ES6 import of jsts
  • [pino]: Fix constructor argument stream typing
  • superagent: req.responseType, res.xhr
  • fix types of node crypto module
  • Fix broken Q import
  • add missing command hincrbyfloat of ioredis
  • angularjs: Revert "Add missing definition"
  • [RavenJS] showReportDialog Function
  • Implementation of geojson2osm definition
  • Allow Bluebird to be assignable to ES2016 Promise.
  • Normalize line feeding
  • fix(xregexp): Change of xregexp.d.ts
  • add removeBackView() to ionic.d.ts
  • Add support for Highcharts modules: offline exporting and boost
  • nock: Added missing delay functions
  • Update fs-extra.d.ts
  • Node.d.ts: Update definitions for module "crypto"
  • Node.d.ts: Update definitions for module "tls"
  • Add moment-jalaali types
  • Node.d.ts: Update "constants" module
  • add dva declaration
  • Added clipboard-js definitions and tests
  • Add json2csv type definition
  • add when.reduce, when.reduceRight, and typings
  • Update to TS v2.0.3
  • Mongoose fixes ObjectId constructor
  • Updated BootboxPromptOptions with optional inputType
  • [Node] errno is a number, not a string.
  • Allow passing extra arguments to proptype validators
  • add react-native-orientation-tests
  • Types 2.0
  • add type definitions for bonjour
  • Update HighchartsExportingOptions and HighchartsDataLabel interfaces
  • Correction to array type for ProtoEnum in ProtoBuf.js
  • Fix missing type declaration for pickadate types-2.0
  • add types of react-router-4.0.0
  • Greensock - fix TweenMax.getChildren return type
  • knex: add missed methods definitions
  • Updated typings passport-beam
  • Fix iterators and Add RRuleSet to rrule type definitions
  • Added 'menubar' package
  • Updating typings for latest changes to fuzzaldrin-plus
  • update finalhandler
  • add typings for d3-slider
  • Also allow Raw for defaultTo
  • [express] The properties don't exist
  • Update node-sass bindings
  • Linq.js provides its own typings
  • Linqsharp provides its own types
  • Deprecate `typescript` and `typescript-services` packages
  • [google-drive-realtime-api] Typings for Error and ErrorType
  • [material-ui] Add boolean for muiTheme.userAgent
  • [@types/deep-extend] Support es5/es6 import
  • [node] Update events for repl
  • [node] Update events for readline
  • [node] Update events for child_process
  • Update xterm options api
  • Adding on*Capture events to react.d.ts
  • Add process.mainModule, improve NodeModule
  • Replace D3 Legacy
  • update getFragment declaration
  • Add loadFileConfigs function
  • Update to match default export
  • Improved camo support and updated to v0.12.2
  • Typings for cordova-sqlite-storage
  • Add math3d.d.ts
  • Add typings for pkijs, asn1js and pvutils
  • inquirer - make sure methods don't conflict
  • switch and switchLatest are like a flatMap
  • set strictNullChecks to true in
  • [react-native] Updated NavigationCardStack to not extend from NavigationRoute
  • Update pixi.js.d.ts
  • Revert "Make generic, not SyntheticEvent.currentTarget."
  • Make ImmutableJS callback arguments non optional
  • Sinon mongoose
  • Valid url
  • Updated spotify-web-api to newest version (the same as in master branch)
  • Added type definition for passport-http
  • Removed spotify-web-api-js from types-2.0
  • Update the kendo throttle function definition
  • Add Dropbox zxcvbn typings
  • Make x and y available on mapboxgl.Point type
  • Update Shopify Buy v0.4.2 Typings
  • [Types-2.0] Merge master
  • Add missing files to slickgrid
  • Update index.d.ts
  • Fix typings in yargs.
  • Allow children in stateless components’ props by default
  • Upgrade webpack to 2.0
  • fixed DialogProps and CellProps
  • Mention that bundled packages don't need a header
  • Definitions for OpenUI5
  • optional field parameter
  • Add definitions for redux-localstorage and main enhancers
  • update leaflet
  • [convert-source-map] Update convert-source-map to latest v1.3.0
  • Types/source list map
  • Revert "[@types/mongoose] Declare a right type for _id"
  • Upgrade angular-ui-router-uib-modal for types-2.0
  • Make more test files lowercase so they compile on linux
  • Update kendo-ui.d.ts
  • react-bootstrap: Added collapseOnSelect
  • Added `react-overlays` typings
  • Added missing nconf.required(keys) and Provider.required(keys) methods.
  • Add i18next.options to interface against types-2.0
  • [codemirror] add a test case for renderLine
  • Fix issues in d3 typings when compiling with --strictNullChecks
  • remove billplz typings
  • update: improve typings for some class methods
  • update: add private member info and rename an interface
  • update: more accurate types
  • Mergemaster20161129
  • Add responseType to client options
  • Clean up lodash modules
  • #12988 Add templateUrl to IModalOptions
  • Fix dhtmlxgantt dateFromPos return type = Date
  • Angulartics updated for version 1.3.0
  • TypeScript-STL v1.2.4
  • Bintrees
  • node.d.ts, Streams data event callback should provide any object
  • v14.4.0.15 typings added.
  • Axios: give an index type to response headers
  • Fix bytebuffer report long.js is not a module.
  • [@types/xml2js] Expose provided processors living in xml2js/lib/processors
  • Better type checking for combineReducers in redux, using Mapped Types in TypeScript 2.1
  • [types-2.0] D3 Batch 2 with strictNullChecks, JSDoc and Fixes
  • Fix knex timestamps
  • [WIP] [react-intl] bugfix for #12716
  • select2 templateSelection method signature
  • Update office-js.d.ts with latest Word APIs
  • Add types for hoek
  • Added @types/semaphore-async-await
  • Add Shopify Prime to notNeededPackages.json
  • [types-2.0] D3 strictNullChecks Batch 1
  • updates for pino module
  • levelup: Add declarations for custom encodings.
  • Verror update
  • Update Aphrodite definitions
  • Improve model of Node.js `events` module.
  • Improve webpack 2 definitions
  • Update react-select.d.ts
  • Add definitions for shipit, shipit-utils and express-rate-limit.
  • remove style isRequire attribute
  • Update index.d.ts for auth0-js
  • sshpk: initial type definition
  • Add types for
  • Add types for hiredis
  • [elasticsearch] Remove invalid parameter id for deleteByQuery function
  • Add route-parser type declarations
  • [mongodb] Collection.find() & .aggregate() cursor generics
  • [cron package] added new option parameter
  • React input mask
  • make code and map optional in MinifyOutput in UglifyJS
  • Add sourceMap option to UglifyJS plugin in webpack
  • Fix z-schema module definition and add SchemaErrorDetail
  • stripe: Fix "Discover JCB" -> "Discover" | "JCB", refine StripeStatic.cardType
  • del: Lint
  • Use PartialObject for object predicates in _.every, _.find and _.some
  • Add missing 'stops' property for AxisOptions
  • React-native: enable JS intellisense for StyleSheet.create method
  • Support case when React Bootstrap used globally
  • Add AWS Lambda Handler function type to AWS Lambda
  • updated Definitions for Raven-JS
  • bufferstream: Convert to external module style
  • amqplib: Convert to external module style
  • Update SortableElementProps definition to contain the value field
  • [sharepoint] Add tslint.json, fix all lint errors, add version into header
  • Material UI - OnChange text field
  • [js-quantities] fix export
  • Use "lib" in tsconfigs instead of "target".
  • Remove old scripts
  • jest: added typing for addSnapshotSerializer
  • diff: add support options parameter of diffLines
  • react-recaptcha: Add response argument to verifyCallback handler
  • Add SpyObj<T> typing for createSpyObj.
  • Add generic support to Collection and it's methods
  • Add types/react-native-goby/*
  • emscripten: update module api to 1.37.10
  • Update Undertaker to 1.1
  • [react] Add role and tabIndex back to SVGAttributes.
  • [reactstrap] Row props extends react.HTMLProps and add noGutters property
  • Change "object" to "Object" in index.d.ts
  • emit ...param:any[]
  • update uuid to v3
  • Add type for Node.js process.env
  • [] updated GoogleApiYouTubeVideoResource "thumbnails" object
  • [React-Leaflet] Fixing breaking form 2.3 by using default type paramters instead
  • Reactstrap - extending some components with HTMLProps
  • Update util.inspect in Node.js contract to match docs
  • React: improved types quality for CSS properties
  • Added declarations for 'moonjs'.
  • [redis] Import `redis` definitions from @types
  • Data Params declared as select2 option rather than string
  • [breeze] Fix DataType and DataTypeSymbol
  • [mongodb] Added support for default generic types
  • [rewire] Added generics to rewire
  • Improve gapi HttpRequestPromise thanks to TypeScript 2.3
  • @types/recompose: Improve this typing in the lifecycle method
  • kafka-node: add "client: Client" to HighLevelConsumer
  • FullCalendar: Callback Fixes
  • Recreated types for react-scroll@1.5
  • [moment-duration-format] Update type definitions
  • [chai-as-promised] Update type definitions
  • Update websocket/ws types for v3.0.0
  • [semantic-ui-transition] Add type definitions
  • [cloud-env] Add type declarations
  • Add react-native-video
  • Fix Spelling Mistakes In React Navigation
  • Multiple fixes to types/chroma-js/index.d.ts
  • [jquery] Define type for JQueryStatic.fn
  • [simplebar] Update type definitions (new for v2)
  • [strophe] Use namespace for Strophe.NS to allow plugins to add to it
  • [qtip2] Add static members
  • [pickadate] Add static members
  • [jquery.tooltipster] Fix and collapse tooltipster overloads
  • [jquery.ajaxfile] Remove type definitions
  • [d3-sankey] Update to Version 0.5
  • [intl-tel-input] Add static members
  • [fullcalendar] non-standard fields (EventObject)
  • Superagent: Added support for multiple timeouts
  • [semantic-ui-dimmer] Add type definitions
  • added missing exports for photoswipe classes
  • Fix ui-grid sortDirectionCycle type
  • update TextField attribute type def
  • Update dat-gui for v0.6.5
  • [angular] Add missing definitions for $q.race
  • hideCalendarDate prop added on DatePicker component
  • Knex: added declarations and tests for clearSelect() and clearWhere().
  • Chartist: added candle stick chart support
  • Implement amqp 0.2 type definitions
  • Added typings for the http-aws-es package.
  • atom: add PackageManager.deactivatePackage() method
  • Update DocumentDB Server Types with new request.getOperationType() method
  • Update `react-overlays` to v0.8, fix `transition` prop type in `react-overlays` library, remove `react-overlays/Transition`
  • Updated types for color 3.0.0
  • [screeps] update to version 2.2.0
  • Object3D updates
  • Add typings for graphql-iso-date
  • kafka-node: fix message value to be string or Buffer
  • blessed: correct some typining issues
  • lodash: Work with classic module resolution
  • fix(aws-lambda): AuthResponseContext children may be objects
  • Update electron-packager for 10.1
  • Add @storybook/vue
  • @types/http-proxy: Added proxyTimeout to ServerOptions
  • Added IControl interface in add/remove Control
  • Change the declared export of Pubnub.
  • [expo] definition improvements
  • Update HitType definiation for module
  • Update/auth0-lock: Add checkbox support for signup fields
  • Add types for @material group at tag v0.26.0
  • Knex.join: table can be a subquery
  • [sinon-stub-promise] Update typings for v2.1.0+
  • Make `import { fabric } from "fabric";` work
  • Update index.d.ts for Kendo-UI GridColumn definition
  • Added definitions for react-dynamic-number npm package
  • [chart.js] Add missing legend label configuration options
  • Added scale, scaleX and scaleY functions to cropperjs class type.
  • bull: Add Queue#getWaiting
  • @types/react-table onFetchData definition updated and pages added to ControlledStateOverrideProps
  • Update `interface Env.beforeEach/All and Env.afterEach/All`
  • VanillaTilt: Adding Glare Options `vanilla-tilt`
  • Minor updates to pixi.js
  • fix(GraphQL): update parseType signature
  • Fix Loader type in webpack
  • Update index.d.ts
  • Fix dat.gui hyphen
  • Fix type for passport-http `passReqToCallback`
  • Fix stompjs types
  • luxon: Fixing incorrect property name
  • Add export
  • Add types for 'builtin-modules'
  • Add types for 'void-elements'
  • Created react-native-auth0 types
  • [lodash] Add types for lodash/fp
  • Add missing properties to material-ui/DialogProps.
  • [angular-material] - Added IStickyService
  • adding fab property to NavigatorButtons
  • feat(GraphQL): add additional GraphQL ParseOptions
  • Add types for NewRelic API.
  • improve type definition
  • [adone] fixes, additions
  • feat(d3): update major versions to d3 (5.0) d3-scale(2.0) and minor d3-scale-chromatic(1.2)
  • Plotly.js: Move event types out to concrete definitions
  • AngularJS: improve types for `foreach` (support for array-likes)
  • [bytes] Upgrade to 3.0.0
  • ReactSelectProps tabIndex can be a string or number
  • Typings for reservoir module
  • Added type definitions for postgraphile
  • [actions-on-google] Upgrade to 1.8
  • stompjs - Fixed problem that Frame wasn't implementing Message
  • [react-helmet] Export HelmetProps
  • Sass webpack plugin
  • Add type definitions for @atlaskit/button
  • Types for JQuery Appear
  • NavbarFormProps to have pullLeft property
  • fix: karma-webpack's Incorrect option name
  • [Puppeteer] added missing member on LaunchOptions
  • update types for heapdump
  • @types/stripe-react-elements: add `stripe` to `props` on `StripeProvider`
  • [fetch-mock] Add Mock Configuration Option Types
  • [parse] Adding `original` optional field to `BeforeSaveRequest` and overloading response.error
  • Added 'decompress-response'.
  • Added 'json-parse-better-errors'.
  • Leaflet: Add private methods and properties
  • [aws-lambda] Include CloudFrontRequest in CloudFrontRequestResult union type
  • [sinon] add calledOnceWithExactly() and calledOnceWith() added in 4.3.0
  • Allow tabIndex as a string
  • react-navigation: fix to properly support navigator-level navigationOptions as a function
  • angular-touchspin: Provides its own types
  • [shimmer] Use keyof T generics
  • Update jest.clearAllMocks() description
  • [bull] add support for "Separate processes"
  • Fix a typo with luxon Settings::resetCaches()
  • Support for helper functions
  • Add react-text-mask definitions
  • Expand typings for package jss to represent exported SheetsRegistry class
  • Stripe: Rename remaining 'transfer*' attributes to payout
  • Stripe: Add status property to IRefund definition
  • playcanvas: update typings
  • [@types/weixin-api] Update weixin api to 1.9.0
  • Allow frameworks import all features of
  • Creating postman-collection types
  • [draft-js] Add missing ContentState argument to draft DraftDecoratorType
  • Fixed ioredis.hmset in pipeline allowing support for data as object
  • del: arrays are not required to be mutable
  • [sqlite3] Add return type for .verbose()
  • Fix bug in json2csv options
  • Update type for/ webpack.Options.SplitChunksOptions
  • [sinon-chrome] Support plugins
  • [WS] Fix "this" context on "on" functions
  • little change
  • Add typing for .changedAttributes()
  • Types for JQuery Browser Plugin
  • hapi: Allow `true` as a cors option in RouteOptions
  • [react-navigation] Remove self (abrahambotros) from contributor list
  • [react-native-video] Remove self (abrahambotros) from contributor list
  • [WIP] [openlayers] Clean remaining lint issues
  • [react-dom] fix signature of findDOMNode
  • [recompose]: Improve type inference of withHandlers
  • Execa: don't require mutable arrays, add missing 'inherit' stdio option
  • [redux-test-utils] typing for version 0.2
  • Joi: ?error() -> error()
  • [@types/ndarray] define arguments of ndarray.pick as nullable
  • fix(webidl2): idlType is IDLTypeDescription
  • graphql-resolve-batch: improve test coverage and add jsdocs
  • [openlayers] Fix the module-related lint issues
  • colors.js now bundles typings, remove from DT
  • export RedirectProps from `react-router`
  • Add use method to Pool<T> that was added in generic-pool 3.3.0
  • [seneca] Add generic types to `add` and `act` methods
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