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DeBaCl open issues (View Closed Issues)
  • over 3 years end_level has huge number
  • over 3 years huge memory being used
  • about 4 years Surprising behavior for `get_clusters` with the `first-k` method.
  • about 4 years Travis badge doesn't update with correct status

DeBaCl closed issues

  • about 4 years How to sort nodes based on cluster density
  • about 4 years Pruning is buggy
  • about 4 years Need a better error message for plot color nodes if a node is not valid
  • about 4 years Package should include a (hidden) version number
  • about 4 years The readme doesn't indicate clearly which Python versions are supported
  • about 4 years knn density estimate produces overflow error for high-dimensional data
  • about 4 years Travis build is failing
  • about 4 years User should be able to get a full branch-wise partition of the data from the LST.