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fixing the (in)famous event that does not trigger once "loaded"

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fixing the (in)famous event that does not trigger once loaded.

Please read the post to know more about issues you might have relying this event.

How To

Simply include the inline version of the script on top of any of your HTML pages (few extra bytes, really nothing to worry about) and stop worrying about not being initialized once the DOM Content ... has been Loaded !!!

Can you believe it ?

Content Security Policy

If you are under this restriction, here the deprecated sha1 version of the script: sha1-//cbZaIlYySeh0GGSwpZKzOAkvg=

While if you are targeting modern browsers, here the sha256 version: sha256-XpSHSiwcWV9TTNd43i/nMFtZA8u8gQVfVXEy6Wa68a0=

These digests have been tested without problems via server side headers, as well as meta tag:

  content="script-src 'unsafe-inline' 'self' 'sha1-//cbZaIlYySeh0GGSwpZKzOAkvg=' 'sha256-XpSHSiwcWV9TTNd43i/nMFtZA8u8gQVfVXEy6Wa68a0='"

Bear in mind you must specify 'unsafe-inline' in addition to 'self' for backward compatibility.


Just try to write something like:

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function (e) {
  alert([e.type, e.currentTarget === document]);

in this page console and you should have your always notified DOMContentLoaded event.

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