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Clash of Clans Farm Bot

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Please note: As of October 2016, this project is not actively being maintained. I had held out hope that SuperCell would being something of interest to CoC during the October update, but unfortunately, it was not to be. More building levels and more troop nerfs are not enough to keep me interested in this game. Ever since the December 2015 update, SC appears to be killing this game, and really not paying attention to their customers any more.

Anyway. If you still have an interest in CoC botting, I highly recommend mybot.run (http://mybot.run). The developers of MBR have taken CoC botting in very new and interesting directions. While the interface takes a bit to used to, it works great once you have it configured. MBR will auto-play the whole game for you, upgrading troops, buildings, etc. ClAsHbOt was always intended to be just a farm bot, and you can certainly use MBR in that same way.

Good luck, and happy botting!

Welcome to my automatic farming bot for Clash of Clans.

THIS IS THE ONLY FULLY OPEN SOURCE Clash of Clans BOT ON THE INTERNET! (The only one that includes complete source code for its compiled DLL.) Also the easiest to use...just a few choices to be made and you are off and running.

Download: ClAsHbOt.2016-05-28.7z

Discussion thread: Issue #22

MUST READ FIRST Please pay particular attention to the version of BlueStacks that is required.

Key features:

  • Auto farming (barcher, gibarch, BAM, loonion included, but easy to extend)
  • Option to only farm dead bases
  • Option to only raid collectors (Ignore Storages)
  • Auto donate to clanmates, both troops and spells
  • Auto collect loot (bubbles and cart)
  • Auto reload defenses
  • Auto trophy push
  • Anti-detection
  • Maintain trophy range
  • Full background interaction, obscured/off-screen windows are fine
  • Tested on Windows 7, Windows 10 and in a VMWare image running Win 7

Check the wiki!

-- CodeSlinger69

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ClAsHbOt latest release notes
20160528 2016-05-28 Release

Updated for CoC client release on 2016-05-23

20160328 2016-03-28 Release

Supports March 21, 2016 Clash of Clans client release.

20160220 2016-02-20 Release

Removes dependency on AutoIt - ClAsHbOt is now compiled AutoIt script, and does not require AutoIt to be installed to run.

Fixes the repeated attempts to deploy barb kings L1-L4.

Small bug in crash reporting system for DLL, in the inclusion of the log file to the crash report package.

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