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  • over 3 years how to read custom Cardboard Profile and Read QR code
  • over 3 years ipad4 with ios8.1 play a low Clarity video is a ball and Mosaics
  • over 3 years SlateVideo360: play video with cardboard sdk
  • almost 4 years can not full screen in 6 plus/6s plus
  • about 4 years Headtracker glitching on iPhone 6
  • over 4 years Cardboard renders to black when switched to VR Mode with uGUI
  • over 4 years GUI click event
  • over 4 years What about smaller screens? e.g. not 50/50 split

CardboardSDK-iOS closed issues

  • over 3 years Assertion failure
  • over 3 years How could I add a sphere inside the virtual world?
  • almost 4 years iOS9: Scenekit + Spritekit only renders on right eye
  • almost 4 years Prepare for update to SceneKit version?
  • almost 4 years Way for using any 3d engine such as SceneKit or Cocos2dx
  • about 4 years Designated Initializer to use CDBViewController via Storyboard
  • about 4 years Use CardboardSDK-iOS with equirectangular images
  • about 4 years MagnetSensor cannot detect the cardboard trigger on iOS xcode 7.0.1, iOS 9.0.1, iPhone 6
  • about 4 years Swift support
  • over 4 years Undefined symbols for architecture armv7: "_CTFontGetGlyphsForCharacters" ... in libGoogleKitCore.a(GoogleKitCore.o)
  • over 4 years Fix for simulator
  • over 4 years "Pink screen"
  • over 4 years Build error: __unity_getFrameParameters
  • over 4 years Integration to current working Unity 4.6 android project
  • almost 5 years adding images