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server plugin and processing code to generate aim heatmaps fo csgo

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The SourceMod plugin AimHeatmapData.sp calculates and saves data which can be used to generate a heatmap of the players aim accuracy. Example:

The python script allows the plotting of hte recorded data in realtime.


Start the recording of aim data with the server command sm_aimdata_record. The server will save all aim data in ..\sourcemod\ADD_[unique ID].csv until the recording is terminated with sm_aimdata_stop. The data is recorded for all players on the server and indexed by the players userid in the first column of the output file. The second and thrid column contain x and y offsets from the enemys head. opens the last recorded ADD_*.csv file and plots a smooth density histogramm of the data. This plot is dynamically updated as the input file is updated. Example:

This work is licensed under cc-by-sa (

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