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BF implementations in different languages

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A collection of BF interpreters in different languages. GPLv2 or later license.

Implementing BF is a great way of exploring unfamiliar programming languages. There's non-trivial logic, some I/O, and multiple data types. BF is still small enough that you can build a complete implementation in an evening or two.

For a robust, high performance BF implementation with good user feedback, see my 'industrial-grade' BF compiler.

Table of Contents



Apache Maven required.

$ cd java/brainfrack
$ mvn package


The Java implementation reads programs from standard in.

$ cat ../../sample_programs/hello_world.bf | java -cp target/brainfrack-0.1.jar com.github.wilfred.App
Hello world!


The Haskell implementation reads programs from standard in.

$ cd haskell
$ ghc Brainfrack.hs
$ cat ../sample_programs/hello_world.bf | ./Brainfrack


The Clojure implementation reads programs from standard in.

$ cd clojure/brainfrack
$ lein compile
$ cat ../../sample_programs/hello_world.bf | lein trampoline run


The C implementation reads programs from standard in.

$ cd c
$ make
$ cat ../sample_programs/hello_world.bf | ./brainfrack


$ cd racket
$ cat ../sample_programs/hello_world.bf | racket brainfrack.rkt

Test programs

http://www.hevanet.com/cristofd/brainfuck/tests.b is a treasure trove of implementation tests. Most implementations here don't pass all these tests yet.

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