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An out-of-this world build system!

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Statistics on Blazar

Number of watchers on Github 65
Number of open issues 0
Average time to close an issue less than a minute
Main language Java
Average time to merge a PR 1 day
Open pull requests 36+
Closed pull requests 12+
Last commit over 2 years ago
Repo Created almost 5 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 2 years ago
Size 4.11 MB
Organization / Authorhubspot
Latest ReleaseBlazar-0.3
Page Updated
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Blazar is a continuous integration tool designed to integrate with GitHub (and/or GitHub Enterprise) and Singularity. It uses GitHub organization webhooks so that new repositories are automatically discovered, and the builds happen as one-off tasks in Singularity so you can reuse your existing cluster rather than running dedicated build servers.


The unit of build in Blazar is a module, which is an arbitrary subset of a repository. This allows Blazar to only build the parts of a repository that have changed when a commit is pushed, rather than building the entire repository every time. It uses a pattern similar to Heroku's buildpacks to discover the buildable units within a repository and to define how to do the build.

Getting Started

To run Blazar locally, run mvn clean pre-integration-test -DskipTests -Dblazar.port=7199 to launch Blazar and its dependencies (Singularity, Mesos, and MySQL) in Docker containers. Then go to http://DOCKER_IP:7199/blazar/ in your browser. When you're done, run mvn docker:stop to shut down the containers.

Blazar open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Support building individual modules in a branch
  • WIP: Trigger builds on prs or on default branch
  • WIP: move buildpack config into BlazarConfiguration
  • Personalization endpoint
  • create graphs for intra repo builds
  • Static deps & provides
  • join channels before messaging
  • Cards and New Dashboard
  • Inter repo builds api
  • Inter Project Builds
  • Testing utils module
  • Allow you configure depends / provides in your .blazar.yaml
  • Checkbox for InterProjectBuilds
  • WIP: Card stack move
  • add root build info to interprojectalert
  • Module centric builds
  • Module history endpoint
  • Archived repository cleanup job
  • Sentry for Blazar
  • Refactor card stack. Update bootstrap
  • Proof of concept usage of Singularity log tailer
  • Use a sql-backed event bus
  • Add BranchStatus to wrap moduleStates for UI
  • Sql event bus hs master
  • Archived repository cleanup job
  • Fail empty branch builds
  • Display an error message for paths with an invalid build number
  • Properly handle api errors when fetching repo builds
  • Styling cleanup
  • Error on emtpy or null modules when starting build
  • Show times for cancelled and skipped module builds
  • WIP: Improve context in sentries
  • Moved + resized star button on the branch state page header
  • WIP: Make GitHubHelper to be more helpful with GHerrors
  • Fix uses of Guava Objects / More Objects
  • WIP: Enable saving who was the pusher.
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