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SuperCollider Extensions used by Benoรฎt and the Mandelbrots

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*** Sorry, no real Documentation (SCDoc) at the moment. *** *** Only for the MandelHub class *** *** But there are Guides, covering the most important features ***

Open the guides at the SuperCollider Help > Browse > Libraries > BenoitLib


These are some extensions to SuperCollider used by the laptop band Benot and the Mandelbrots. Most things aren't documented well and may be not stable, so use at your own risk.


  • MandelHub: Extension for collaborative and synchronized laptop performances.
  • MacroExpander: A Macro system for the Mac SuperCollider App
  • Plkr: Use the last retreived value from a kr NodeProxy as a value in a Pattern.
  • Phold, Pholda, Pholds, Pholdas: Time based sample-and-hold Patterns.
  • Plast: Remembers the last value for a specific key.


  • ScreenSharing.applescript: Shows a Screen Sharing window, waits and then shows the next.

Extra bonus for Emacs users:

  • see Emacs/README


  • Move m.quant to m.time.quant
  • Example for absolute beat scheduling with \mandelspace Events
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