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1KB js library contains development debugging, error monitoring and reporting, user problem localization features - 1KB代码搞定开发调试发布,错误监控上报,用户问题定位

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| English




npm install alloylever


    cdn:'//',  //vconsoleCDN
    reportUrl: "//",  //
  reportPrefix: 'qun',   //msg
    reportKey: 'msg',        //msgkeymsg
    otherReport: {              //
        uin: 491862102
    entry:"#entry"          //DOM6vConsole//AlloyLever.entry('#entry2')

AlloyLeverwindow.onerrorreportUrlvConsole CDN://


AlloyLeverurl vconsole=show vConsole:



  • vconsole=showurl


English |


1kb(gzip) js library contains development debugging, error monitoring and reporting, user problem localization features.

  • support error monitoring and reporting
  • support for vConsole error display
  • support the development phase by using vConsole
  • support the production environment authorities to pull vConsole
  • support DOM evokes vConsole
  • supports url evokes vConsole

There are two purposes for URL parameter arousal, the first is to display the vConsole panel during the website development process, and the second is to send a complaint to the feedback site. The wrong user displays the vConsole panel for locating errors.


npm install alloylever

or include this in your html:

<script src=""></script>


    cdn:'//',  //vconsole CDN address
    reportUrl: "//",  //Error reporting address
    reportPrefix: 'qun',    //An error reporting msg prefix is generally used to differentiate business types
    reportKey: 'msg',        //Error reporting msg prefix key, user reporting system receives storage msg
    otherReport: {              //Other information to be reported
        uin: 491862102
    entry:"#entry"          //Please click on this DOM element to summon vConsole 6 times. You can use AlloyLever.entry('#entry2') add more entry

AlloyLever will listen to window.onerror and save the error information, and report to reportUrl, you can also call vConsole and display errors and related logs.

URL evokes vConsole

As long as your page references AlloyLever, you simply display the vConsole panel with the vconsole=show in your url. Such as:

//load and display the log panel
//load but don't display the log panel
//don't load vConsole

The role of these URL is well understood:

  • development phase for debugging
  • open the URL with vconsole=show to the user who has complained



This content is released under the MIT License.

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