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AFNetworking 2.0 Extension for Network Request Logging

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AFNetworkActivityLogger is an extension for AFNetworking 2.0 that logs network requests as they are sent and received.

AFNetworkActivityLogger listens for AFNetworkingOperationDidStartNotification / AFNetworkingOperationDidFinishNotification and AFNetworkingTaskDidStartNotification / AFNetworkingTaskDidFinishNotification notifications, which are posted by AFNetworking as request operations and session tasks are started and finish. For further customization of logging output, users are encouraged to implement desired functionality by listening for these notifications.


Add the following code to AppDelegate.m -application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions::

[[AFNetworkActivityLogger sharedLogger] startLogging];

Now all AFURLConnectionOperation and NSURLSessionTask objects created by an AFURLSessionManager will have their request and response logged to the console, a la:


If the default logging level is too verbosesay, if you only want to know when requests failthen changing it is as simple as:

[[AFNetworkActivityLogger sharedLogger] setLevel:AFLoggerLevelError];


Mattt Thompson



AFNetworkActivityLogger is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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  • over 3 years TaskDidResume notification not working - AFNetworking 3.1
  • over 3 years App crash with version 3.0.0
  • almost 4 years Carthage for 3_0_0 branch
  • about 4 years Set Logger to AFLoggerLevelDebug
  • about 4 years NSTimeInterval elapsedTime is nan sometimes
  • about 4 years AFNetworking 3.0
  • over 4 years Request body is nil
  • almost 5 years Logger doesn't work well in AFHTTPSessionManager
AFNetworkActivityLogger open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Add indicator for HTTPBodyStream in AFLoggerLevelDebug
  • method to print JSON messages as JSON instead of NSDictionary.
  • Updates AFNetworking dependency to 3.0
  • Fix Carthage dependency
  • Removes deprecated AFNetworkActivityLogger:setLevel from README
  • Add setLogLevel method.
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